Even with the penetration of the internet and the clamour over modern bed and breakfasts, the traditional ones keep going strong. There are a couple of reasons why this is so. In this post, we will explore why traditional bed and breakfasts may actually be what you are looking for. Read on.

1. Personalised Hosting

One thing that most traditional bed and breakfasts stand out in is their personalised service. Modern B&Bs will use agents and other intermediaries to run the B&Bs for them and thereby effectively eliminate that personal touch that makes such accommodation stand out.

If you are looking for accommodation away from home but which offers that touch, then you may want to consider a traditional B&B. In most of these, the room is part of the main house, and therefore you get to interact with the host and their family. This offers you a chance to network and make friends with people from different areas as well.

2. Offers Better Discounts

Since in most traditional B&B you are dealing directly with the host and staying in his or her house or compound, you may be lucky to get better discounts. Such B&Bs owners are open to offering discounts to guests who stay a certain number of days or who offer return business to them.

In the event that you will be staying in Devon for long or are planning to return here soon, you may want to explore this option. You will be able to make great savings in the long run and as well as create a good relationship with your host.

The host could also help you save on the costs you would have incurred hiring a tour guide around the town. Most residents know the ins and outs of Devon and will gladly give you a tour for a small fee.