If you are journeying through Devon, one thing that you probably have on your mind is the critical matter of accommodation. Arrangements will be different for different people. However, B&Bs are an option for most if not all travellers. In this post, we give you tips on how you can choose the most suitable B&B during a stopover in Devon. Read on.

1. Consider Your Budget

The budget is the most crucial aspect when it comes to picking out any form of accommodation not only in Devon but anywhere else. While most B&Bs will have a fairly similar rate, it is important to consider what you can get that makes your stay most comfortable but within your budget range. A word of advice from regular travellers as well as hoteliers is that you shop around for prices first before you make any commitment. Check out at least five B&Bs and then rank them in order of price.

2. Distance

You may come to Devon for a vacation, it may be a business trip or just to visit some family members. Whichever the case, it is necessary to consider how far you will be from the people or places that you need to access. With this factor in mind, you will find that your B&B options will vary significantly from those of another person. The key, however, is to find what works best for you.

3. Facilities

Last but not least, your stay needs to be comfortable where you decide to spend the night. The facilities available at that place will determine to a great extent how comfortable that stay will be. Before committing to a particular B&B, read their site reviews and then call to ask about the facilities available there. It works well if you can have a checklist if you want the most desirable room to have and cross-check this as you shop around.