Do you consider yourself a casino tourist? The type that would move from one town or country to another in search of the thrill of gaming at different casinos. If your answer is yes, then you need some help in scouting and reserving the best B&Bs around Devon should you happen to visit the area.

1. Be as Close as Possible to Your Casino

One thing that is most significant with in house casinos when compared to online ones like Netent Games is that you can’t game from anywhere. This fact presents you with the challenge of having to look for accommodation that is closest to the casino that you will be gaming in.

For most people making reservations for their traditional bed and breakfast accommodations, they fail to consider distance. Most casino gaming will happen at night and typically will be followed by a night of merry-making. In such a state, a place close to the casino will be the best option for anyone looking to sleep in a secure place at night. It also comes in handy when you factor in the transport costs.

2. Look for Group Deals

If you are looking for a traditional bed and breakfast that is close to the casino that you will be gaming at, it is good to consider that this might be a prime location. With such places come hiked prices because of the conveniences discussed in point (1) above. These increased prices can do a lot of damage to your budget amongst other inconveniences.

As a way of bridging this, you may want to consider group deals, especially if you are tagging along with some friends. Look for shared rooms or traditional B&Bs that allow you to take charge of the entire house for the duration of your stay.