It is a good to tip your host or waiter after spending time in a B&B or hotel. However, the issue of tipping when it comes to B&Bs is a little complex and may fail to be received well if not done correctly. The tips below will guide you on how to go about tipping your host. Read on.

1. Personalise It

For most people, the idea of tipping anyone just comes off as a routine that must be done rather than executed with love. If you are thinking of appreciating the host of your B&B, it is best if you can personalise the token in question.

If for any reason, you cannot do this face to face, then consider writing the host a note. In that note, use casual but respective language and highlight all that stood out while you were there. Do not forget to appreciate their hard work and any instance that they went out of their way to make your stay comfortable. Remember to sign off positively and tell the host you would love to stay over again.

2. Feel Free to Explore

While the common thing is for people to tip their hosts with some money, you are not limited to this. You can explore other ways of showing appreciation. If you are thinking of exploring different ways of tipping your host, then take some time to study him or her during your stay and get clues on what might interest them. You will be surprised that a small thing such as movie tickets will go a long way in helping your host feel appreciated for their hospitality.

However, in the event that you have no idea what gift to leave your host as a tip, a few pound notes will always do the trick.